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This explains how water can be transported from the roots of a tree to the leaves. Drawtex is a super-absorbent dressing that works against gravity.

The Leva Fiber Electrostatic action occurs when the negatively charged Drawtex wound dressing comes into contact with the wound exudate.

This type of dressing can be particularly helpful for procedures with multiple drainage locations, as well as those that have uneven wetness along the length of the healing wound.

Although drainage bags have largely gone out of favor with the development of a wide variety of modern dressings, the array of drainage bags currently available still provide good options for those complex wounds, particularly those with a fistula.

AMD Antimicrobial Dressings AMD antimicrobial dressings contain PHMB, a highly effective bacteria-killing polymer that virtually eliminates bacterial penetration through and growth within the dressings, fending off bacteria that traditional products cannot.

Kendall™ Transparent Film Dressings Kendall™ transparent film dressings consist of a thin polymer film coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive, which is ideal for I.

By dispersing the exudate both vertically and horizontally, Drawtex controls and retains the wound fluid so that it can be transferred to additional layers of Drawtex if needed. Normally, the level of odor in an infected wound is very high.

This allows the dressing to draw out a relatively large amount of exudate, devitalised tissue, bacteria and deleterious chemical mediators. Hydroconductive action is controlled by Darcy’s Law that defines the ability of a fluid to flow through porous media. Fluid can move from wetter to drier – even against gravity. Luckily, many dressings have been developed that incorporate odor-capturing ingredients, such as carbon and charcoal, which help to minimize any pungent smells from wound healing.Additionally, some topical wet dressings, such as metronidazole, contain antibacterial agents that help minimize the growth of bacteria, which are often the main cause of the foul smells in the first place.