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Unfortunately for Laurence, the egg is very close to hatching when he takes it on board, and an "unharnessed" dragon who doesn't choose a captain within a day of hatching becomes feral and thus useless for anything but breeding stock.

He ends up harnessing the baby dragon and naming him Temeraire, after a famous French ship captured by the British; the books center on the pair's adventures together.

Together, Vince and Jessica have another daughter, and the couple also fostered and then adopted a three-year-old son.

The series centers on William Laurence, a Navy captain who takes possession of a French ship transporting a valuable dragon egg home.

The fire heavily damaged the main building of the complex at 612 West Second Street and forced evacuation of employees and nearby residents.

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As soon as he realises what they are, he bursts into tears as Jessica goes over to cuddle him. Jessica said: 'Their relationship has been unique since they met.See Foe Romance Subtext for the less explicit version of this, and Fatal Attraction when it's more dangerous. Like barnacles, a thick crust of speculation has gathered over the word "Hoosier" to explain the origin of Indiana's nickname.She grew attached to him quickly.'They had the cutest things in common, such as foods they liked and games they enjoyed playing.'He took her fishing for the first time in her life, and bought her her first fishing pole and BB gun.'He was the only person she had ever known as a father figure.'Even before Vince and I married, he never introduced her as his step-daughter.He always told everyone 'this is my little girl, Sarah' and he was always 'daddy' to her.'After I posted the video I received a lot of messages and responses to the video.'Some people said it made them cry, while others said it was just so beautiful and everyone was so happy for us.' Sarah has never known her biological father, who left the family when she was born.