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"I thought I was gonna get fired from this gig the first year I was doing it cause I was laughing during takes cause it was so funny it would just crack me up. Nickname for Bedroom: The Love-Nasium Also Known As: The skirt-wearing skirt-chaser Opinion of Self: Positive Long Suffering Underling: Kif Kroker Fabric of Choice: Velour Top Achievements: Defeating the Killbots; Squeezing into his girdle; Leela "I worked in radio for so many years and there were a lot of big dumb announcers that loved far and away, beyond anything in the world, the sound of their own voice...

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Read our picks and then let us know your favorites by posting in the comments section below. They weren't sure what to make of this new show featuring sarcastic, beer-drinking robots of the far future. And when a person manages to offend or annoy him, which is all-too-easy to do, Bender will order them to bite said ass.Each of the dozens of episodes are packed with classic Bender-isms and callous insults.He may not be kind to his fellow man or robot, but Bender is one of our favorites because he never fails to make us chuckle.Currently My Bender can calculate:-Offsets with predetermined locations on the conduit.-Three Bend saddles that fit like a glove.-Four Bend saddles that "look like they grew there".*Future updates include: 90°'s, Back to Back 90°'s, Rolled Offsets, Compound 90°'s around a corner obstruction, Parallel Offsets, and Kicks.