Whitney houston and jermaine jackson dating

Michael Jackson reportedly knew about the affair but didn't approve.At the time, Jermaine was married to Hazel Gordy, daughter of legendary Motown founder Berry Gordy.'s report is to be believed—would have happened around the time of the affair.

However, it was also well documented that they’re marriage reportedly experienced some separation, breakups, La Toya: “Well actually, to be quite honest with you, he [Jermaine] did have a relationship.[…] “Well, in ’84, Jermaine and Whitney did work together.That was the beginning of her career, basically,” Jackson says. he was smuggled into her hotel rooms, they worked extra late in the studio, and she even had a code name for him. “The reason it ended was because Jermaine wouldn’t leave his wife — and Whitney was angry.” HACKERS STEAL MICHAEL JACKSON MUSIC FILES FROM SONY’S SERVERS She channeled that anger into her 1985 recording of the hit song “Saving All My Love For You” — about a woman, making sweet music with a married man — a year after their relationship fizzled.But other than that, the pair kept the relationship quiet, pals said.