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The story and play of the game is interesting and really nice.Also try playing another game Mystery of Mortlake Mansion.The biggest surprise was the unexpected but awesome return of Lemmiwinks! I think maybe they went back to their old acid habits before they wrote this story because this is a barely coherent jumble of concepts with varying quality.It's been quite some time since we last saw him and his spirit guides (the Frog King, Sparrow Prince, and Catata Fish). The story lacks focus, and bounces around like a hyperactive 5-year-old who's had a case of Mountain Dew.Many viewers may have even missed the reference completely if they hadn't seen The Death Camp of Tolerance from waaay back in 2002, and that makes this episode's choice of characters even more curious. But the insanity of it all makes it oddly fascinating and entertaining.

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if this entire episode started off when Matt and/or Trey conceived of the phrase "bass to mouth" and the resulting writing room conversation was something like this: Matt: "Bass to mouth! In fact, I'd say the Cartman "B-story" had a lot more going for it.It has been said that episodes without Cartman are often the worst, and that's certainly the case here. Mackey was continuing the school play, while addressing some daddy issues. I found this side story tiresome and mirthless (my new favorite phrase for South Park this season). Besides that, there are tons of other topics ripe for satire that would have yielded far more interesting comedy.Despite some funny points, overall, this episode was disappointing.If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. If you are already tired of searching the net for free ringtones, or for free online dating, you may discover that there are playable online competitions which can fill in oyur time and bring you a lot of fun. If you did, then you know how much you can get addicted to the adventures of your little (or big) hero, in his quest to charm all girls in the virtual space.