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Indeed, if HR were to remain configured as it is today in many companies, I would have to answer the question above with a resounding “Yes—abolish the thing!

If the request clearly does not fall under the exceptions identified, the office concerned should grant and release the request within 15 days, the EO stated.

"It's a sign that the Trump administration is looking to unwind the law in every way it can administratively," said Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan clearinghouse for information and analysis about the health care system.

One distinct possibility is for the government to find new ways to grant exemptions from the law's requirement that people who remain uninsured pay fines, if deemed able to afford coverage. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Saturday that the order indeed “appears to target the individual mandate.” The California Democrat, a staunch supporter of the law, warned: “When President Trump threatens the individual mandate, he threatens the affordable health coverage of the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions.” It may take weeks or months to discern the full impact of Trump's directive.

For example, GOP lawmakers in Congress have proposed an exemption for people in areas where only one insurer offers coverage -- currently about a third of U. Departments like Health and Human Services and Treasury will have to issue policies that embody the new president's wishes.

The executive order may not have much impact for 2017, since government rules for this year have already been incorporated into contracts signed with insurance companies.