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The whole situation is of the he said-she said variety, as the woman has claimed Brandon Vezmer got a little weird when he tried to contact her sister to get the 17 dollars back.

The small claims suit Vezmar filed also claims it realizes that the money he is hoping for is small but that "the principle is important." People who text in movies, even if they have the brightness of the screen turned down, are distracting to some audiences.

After being rebuffed by Katie he sees a commercial for online dating.

Tuck decides to sign himself up and is paired with Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon), a product-testing executive who is dealing with the recent engagement of her ex-boyfriend.

Dazu gibt’s News, TV-Tipps und die Hot 7 des Tages, außerdem Infos zu TV-Shows und Serien, aktuellen Kinofilmen und eine Übersicht zu DVD- und Blu-ray-Veröffentlichungen.

Zu vielen Sendungen gibt’s weitere Infos zu Themen, Inhalten, Moderatoren oder Schauspielern, außerdem Bilder, Trailer und zu den Spiel- und TV-Filmen die Bewertungen der Filmredaktion.

Die Nachrichten sind vorbei, aber was läuft danach im TV?

CIA agents and best friends Franklin "FDR" Foster (Chris Pine) and Tuck Hansen (Tom Hardy) are deployed to Hong Kong to prevent international criminal Karl Heinrich (Til Schweiger) from acquiring a weapon of mass destruction, but the mission goes awry, resulting in the death of Heinrich's brother, Jonas. Upon returning to America, their boss, Collins (Angela Bassett) assigns them to desk duty for their protection.

FDR is a womanizer, whose cover is a cruise ship captain, while Tuck, who presents himself as a travel agent, has an ex-wife, Katie (Abigail Spencer) and a young son, Joe (John Paul Ruttan), who believes his dad is a weakling.