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Dating Relation Between Jill Marie Nicolini and Anthony Cumia: Well before we talk and investigate any thing about their relation the news came up in the media regarding with their break up.But for sure just like the news of their link up the news of their break up have created lots of buzz in the media!I am also going to schedule a meet and greet in PIX Plaza so I can autograph them all..one lucky winner, than again those who really know me won't consider yourself so lucky lol, but I am going on a lunch date with one of the people who buy em and the person who buys the most :) Again it's all for a good cause.

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She wants to keep herself as miles away from being in some kind of personal relationships.At the top of the list were the Guilfoyle rumors, the publication of his now infamous expletive-laden rant aimed at some of Trump's top aides and revelations that he missed the birth of his son.Scroll down for video Anthony Scaramucci has revealed his anger at DC rumors of an affair with his 'good friend' Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle - which both parties strongly deny - and says members of the media fueled the gossip.She is not engaged and she is not up with any kind of plans of getting married.But at the same time rumors are coming up in the media related with her dating relation with Anthony Cumia.