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The Online Helpline is a secure instant-messaging format that provides 24/7 tailored crisis support and intervention services.Chat one-on-one with a Safe Helpline staff member to access the following support services: The Online Helpline works like other instant-messaging and online chat systems.More immediate than e-mail, less fiddly than texting, sending an IM was widely expected by many technology pundits to become our preferred mode of online communication, whether socially or in the office - or socially in the office, for that matter. In 2007, 14% of Britons' online time was spent on IM, according to the UK Online Measurement company - but that has fallen to just 5%, the firm says, basing its findings on the habits of a panel of 40,000 computer users.The study was released shortly after AOL sold its ICQ instant messaging service 7.5m (£124m) - less than half what the company paid for it in 1998.The couples also answered questions about relationship satisfaction.Six months later, the couples indicated whether they were still dating.

It is a far cry from the early days of the decade when this very website anticipated that IM would overtake e-mail by 2004 [see internet links].See our info paper for more information on Follow-Up Support Services. You can take comfort in knowing that Safe Helpline staff members are trained to meet the unique needs of survivors within the Do D community.They are diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to offering support.This service is also open to male friends and family members who are supporting a female survivor of sexual violence.When one of our trained workers is available you can type into the box for confidential support.