Dating the exodus from egypt

The movie has since made its way to Netflix, and has become influential to many evangelicals.Unfortunately, this is leading many people down the blind alley of the New Chronology.Further, drowning in the Red Sea was the easy way out.It was far more humiliating for Thutmoses III to have to travel back to a destroyed Egypt WITHOUT his army to face his people.It is imperative that we, as Christians, handle the matters of biblical history with great care, so that in our apologetic witness we would not give reason for skeptics to cast doubt on the biblical testimony. The dating of Israel’s exodus from Egypt is a fairly daunting issue even for scholars who specialize in the relevant historical fields and devote their lives to such issues.It is even more daunting for laymen such as myself to sift through such matters.

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This is a great example of where incorrect assumptions will lead you on a fruitless rabbit trail to error in choosing the WRONG Pharaoh of the Exodus.On the other hand, some interpreters assert the late date (13 century BC) as the most logical date, based, not upon the Bibles chronology, but rather upon the interpretation of some archaeological findings and the Generally Accepted Dates (GAD) for Egyptian chronology.Some scholars, in spite of the so-called archaeological data, still rely upon the biblical data in seeking a solution to this most perplexing question as to the time frame of the Exodus.But we can at least consider an overview of the positions held by sound, contemporary scholars.At this time Ted Wright, Bryant Wood, Charles Ailing, and Douglas Petrovich are at the forefront in defending a 15th century exodus from Egypt (1446/7 BC).