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After that i could not handle being around him without being with him, so it was very uncomfortable.

then when i was going to talk to him about us, i found out that he was sleeping with a "hoe".

They’ll call you, text you, and might overwhelm you at times.

i'm puerto rican AND dominican and honey it's funny to say that both races are alike in many's stupid to hear puerto ricans criticize dominicans on the lack of socks they where or how much platanos are consumed just as much as it's equally stupid to hear dominicans criticize how puerto ricans say arros as if it sounds like they're saying ajos (RICE)even though it's funny at times lolz.still gets tiring, but i'm proud to be both just as much as i'm proud to say that i would go out with n e race.aslong as that connection, respect, and love is there.good looking out to you ma for not giving a damn what people think..1 Hi, I'm JRod, I have dated "D'' gurlz and had a great relationship. DO NOT let the ignorance of some get b'tween you and happiness.

I also have many great "D" friends, (Being a nuyorican, who don't? The main matter here is that if he RESPECTS you and treat you rite, and if you luv 'm and you're kool with that, who cares what anybody thinks.

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