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As we speak, the album from the episode, which came out today, is already 15th on the i Tunes chart. We did a rehearsal, and as we went into lighting mode I walked off the stage. This is just strange." I thought I had made a tragic mistake.

C., to formally resign and return to Seattle and, more importantly, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and their kids.

The cast started working with a vocal coach in October, and by the end of January we had done the album. We took about 14 days to shoot the episode, where we usually come in at 8 or 9. The first time someone opened their mouth to sing, it was on the first day of shooting.Primetime Emmy Award-nominated actress who played Dr. Her acting career began at age five while performing at the Theater Under the Stars in Houston.She worked as a bank temp across from South Tower of the World Trade Center, and was there during the September 11 attacks.And Chandra Wilson comes from a musical background. We couldn't talk them into it, so we had to show them. While we were shooting, Shonda and I were calling bands, rehearsing the actors, arranging songs.Shonda thought it could help the storytelling with Callie [played by Ramirez] and the things she wants. We set up chairs and had liquor, made it like a little cabaret. I knew they had it in them to move [the network execs] emotionally, and they did. Well, it's intimidating, knowing you're going to be singing next to a Tony winner.