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Further pictures seen by Mail Online have been censored, as we deemed them too graphic to show.'Normally the park is cleaned and inspected every week night. If I fail at my job, I don't get a bonus -- I get fired,' said Tim Lucas, 49, vice president of a software company, who was protesting in Austin.

Although many of the protesters are understood to be making strenuous efforts to clean up after themselves, after three weeks of occupation, the strain of hundreds of people living on the street has begun to take its toll.'If the jobs they are trying to get rid of in this city -- the people that work in finance, which is a big part of our economy-- we're not going to have any money to pay our municipal employees or clean the blocks or anything else.'They included Tampa, Florida; Trenton and Jersey City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Norfolk, Virginia in the East; to Chicago and St.

So greed is an evil that impacts us not just here and now but poses a danger to our eternal souls…which is what we just heard in today’s Gospel.

This collection documents and aggregates information related to the "Occupy Movement" starting in the Autumn of 2011 and continuing in 2012.offering a reflection and commentary on this question.I think that she and those she spoke with for the piece articulate well many of the central elements of Jesus’s ministry and proclamation of the Kingdom of God.In September of 2011, a demonstration was held in New York City, calling itself "Occupy Wall Street".This demonstration inspired similar protests and demonstrations around the world calling for social and economic equality, which are collectively now referred to as the "Occupy Movement".