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Their first phone call lasted all night, neither hanging up until 2 AM.

That phone call was the start to many a long conversations.

The conference was attended by over 400 Christian school faculty from across the state.

It was in 2006 that I started to branch out and listen to a wide variety of Christian music.

Communication, the effective delivery of information, is fundamental to life across all scales and species.

Nervous systems (by necessity) may be most specifically adapted among biological tissues for high rate and complexity of information transmitted, and thus, the properties of neural tissue and principles of its organization into circuits may illuminate capabilities and limitations of biological communication.

It’s always good to keep up to date in terms of worship music.

Yet in keeping in with the trends of the most popular worship song of today (we all know right now it’s “Good, Good Father”), we can sometimes miss the beauty that it is in listening to good worship music of years gone by.