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As for the character, Deadpool is a wonderful amalgamation of everything that makes America the object of so much of the world's envy, revulsion, and yes, affection even. Not just a practitioner of smart-assery - as fictional kinfolk Tony Stark and John Mc Clain are - but a masterworker in the art of sarcasm.In 1994, the most unlikely of characters joined together to change the sport and the industry forever.Report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community team.

Moto XXX went on to be the most infamous privateer team in racing history.

Dani Moonstar learns about psychic vampirism from Selene.

(I honestly forgot that not all out of context funny panels have to be smutty.) Here's one that is.

One can imagine , a loudmouthed anti-hero well past puberty, but still clinging to pubescence as a life line.

A neo-Bob Saget in a red rubber suit trying to convince society through a campaign of forced obscenity and lechery that he is not as pristine and naive as his commercial association would indicate.