Updating from arcsde to arcserver

Arc GIS© for Server allows you to query, edit, add, update, and delete data from a table without having to directly contact a SQL Server, or build a complex and time consuming web service.

However, registering a table with the geodatabase can introduce problems.

I was quickly made aware of my rookie mistakes after registering a table with the geodatabase and publishing through Arc GIS© for Server.

This crucial fact is not nearly as well publicized as the July 1, 2011 password change, but your ability to access Enterprise GIS systems will be restricted if you're unaware the annual password expiration is going to happen.

Create Multi-version Views of Relevant Data Tables and Feature Classes If your data is versioned, you'll need to go through this step for each featureclass or related table that contains data that will be mapped into the new schema.

If you skip it, then you'll find your final, transformed featureclass seems to be missing all kinds of features that you thought were part of the original featureclass.

The product was a standalone installation until integrated into Arc GIS Desktop and Arc GIS Server at version 9.2.

The release of 10.1 saw Arc SDE and the command line tools bundled with Arc GIS Server – the command line tools continued to work at 10.3 and beyond.

Updating from arcsde to arcserver