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Most of our posts come from the Padaleckis' official social media & others who know them.We use our sources to try to keep you informed with the most up to date information & photos.Says Edlund, « I don’t imagine that it’s going to be three guys in a car with a baby. » (And we shall call that kitten Moe…) The Dark Is Rising: According to Edlund, everything we’ve seen over this past, amazing season is really just a setup: « This season is a stage-setting season for next season, » which, of course, is the war between dark and light. At least Sam and Dean are dealing with her presence in the world as a problem. » The Big Guy: Lilith is still kicking around, but according to Edlund, it’s her boss who’s really the problem: « Lucifer is more of an awe-inspiring force.Although it’s good to throw something cute into season five. Says Edlund, « I don’t want to go too far into the details of what happens when two forces clash…Look at this season as buildup to something even bigger that, of course, I cannot talk about or [show runner] Eric [Kripke] would be mad at me. There’s such a massiveness to the power and the danger represented by that being. » Basically, we’ll know he’s there, but we might not get to see him until the end…Cortese: It's funny, because when I auditioned for it was for "a love interest." I didn't know I was going to be playing Ruby until I got the job.I was handed DVDs of what Katie did, and at first it was a little funky trying to step into what she Genevieve Cortese about playing the double-agent demon. What sort of surprises might this week's midseason finale have in store?And what's it like shooting a love scene with Jared Padalecki? Were you warned coming onto the show that its fans can be a bit, um, "discerning" when it comes to the women in the Winchesters' lives?

We've taken plenty of time to look at pictures of Jensen through the years and all of Jared's adorable family photos.

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I was conflicted over where Ruby is now versus where she's come from.... The fans seemed to pick up on that right away — "Something is different about Ruby.