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UChicago or buy the volume as a paperback: Amazon, B&N, or ABE Books.We owe great thanks to Babak Ashrafi and the Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science for supporting a workshop in Philadelphia on May 31 and June 1, 2012 that allowed us to circulate and discuss early drafts of our papers in person.The image of Judaism is often that of an antiquated religion with medieval practices that preaches an austere and rigorous life style.Keeping Shabbat and eating kosher are often considered pass, and prevent those who respect these rules from benefiting from the good things in life.Defying culinary proscriptions and eating pork, frogs legs or seafood is considered being young and with it.It is superfluous to raise sexual issues: the opinion of those who do not know is already made up, since in this field as in others that determine our way of life, Judaism can only offer a list of donts. Judaism is at the cutting edge of modernity and offers a range of unprecedented responses, where morality, hygiene, religious ethics and Jewish law (halacha) come together.Exhibiting over the past two years, her art work focuses on androgyny and naturally occurring hermaphroditic species - flora and fauna, which she uses to bring greater awareness and promote more debate on the topic.Her latest show, the Captured Hermaphrodite, finished on Friday in the City of London and she was last week nominated for an emerging talent prize at the Southwark Art Awards.

This is the loophole in the gender 'binary' that treats all people as either male or female.

Raised as a boy by her working-class Spanish parents she grew up in Ealing, West London, consciously uncomfortable wearing male clothes.

She went through art school at Goldsmith's College living as a man but later switched to a female persona, with which she more readily identifies.

I've not been taught any other way and I'm not sure how to explain her accurately with the appropriate personal pronoun.

It makes me feel comfortable, safer, confident, I feel very vulnerable not having anything." I describe Xxxora as 'she' and 'her' because it's simpler for me to do that.