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For the last month, I’ve posed as 40 fake people to find out how the Internet makes infidelity easier to commit and harder to detect.I’ve brushed shoulders with total creeps, hopeless romantics, probable sex addicts, and everyone in between.Or think about it in this way: investing in a mutual fund (multiple stocks) is, on average, a better financial strategy than putting all of your resources into a single stock.Because a multiple-partner approach was a better reproductive strategy than monogamy, men and women living today are the descendants of people who had the desire to have sex with more than one other person over the course of their lifespan.So just how easy is cheating online for men compared to women?

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However, even within the 3% of mammals that practice monogamy, very few species, including humans, are truly monogamous (see Barash & Lipton).In fact, when it comes to both men and women, monogamy is not our natural sexual strategy (see Barash & Lipton; Ryan & Jetha).To make a long story short, for millions of years the desire to mate with multiple partners was a useful reproductive strategy.When men spend time away from their mates, their sperm count – and libido – increase, the better to overpower any competitor’s own sperm in the case of any infidelity.The human penis is shaped to act as squeegee; the flared head of the glans and tapered shape of the shaft serve to help scrape out competitors’ sperm from one’s mate.