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High speed USB flash drives are a huge market with prices constantly falling and capacities ever increasing.

Mention the word "floppy" around the office and people look at you confused like you are stuck in the 90's.

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Each line of flash drives is geared towards a specific market and has different features built into the device.

Some have encryption, some have synchronization software, some have built in card readers.

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If you work with a computer that has only USB-C ports but you also regularly use computers with USB-A ports, we recommend getting our top pick—the San Disk Extreme CZ80—and one of our recommended USB-C adapters.We are also compare vouchers and offers and we are soon to begin to compare mortgages, loans and credit cards.Bookmark us now to get the best savings on the Web.Kingston Technology's Data Traveler High Speed 2.0 USB Flash drives put portable flash memory in anyones hands.Reliable and easy to use, Data Traveler is the choice of corporations and consumers alike for securely storing, carrying and transferring important data, favorite songs, photos and more.