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had basically everything: drama, beautiful scenery, comedy, family love, and the greatest TV couple of all time.Awkward, nerdy Jewish boy Seth Cohen who was desperately in love with the beautiful and popular Summer Roberts. His brown curls and cheekbones, her incredible clothes, hair, everything…they are perfect.Seth has loved Summer for years—too bad she doesn't know he exists. Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer are about to endure breaking up, breaking down, parties, proms... One official TV Tropes Wiki No Prize is up for grabs for each example of an other-media reference from this show.everything teenagers would normally be expected to go through, but with the added drama of living in the O. Not to be confused with an abbreviation for Original Character.When Ryan's alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend kick him out, Ryan has no choice but to call Sandy.

I also have some strong crush-y feelings for angry Ryan. It's understandable that she was scarred by the assault, but the thing that's really bothering her is that she shot Trey (MMM WHAT YA SAYYY), and she can't deal with having to explain it on her admissions essay.However while accommodating each other’s interests and learning everything they could about each other, Seth and Summer were still very different people — which they embraced. As well as having consistently great patter, Seth and Summer were pros at scheming.When Seth proposed to Summer as he thought she was pregnant, they both realized they didn’t want to do it.They eventually made it work, and quickly became the world’s most enviable Orange County couple. Their children (because they’ve definitely had children now, duh) would be so beautiful. Seth, being the man-child that he is, was prone to spending his days chatting away to a plastic horse called Captain Oats.Seth and Summer, often known as Sethummer for those die-hard fans, are ridiculously good-looking. The defining moment in Seth and Summer’s potential as a true, bona-fide couple came when Seth visited Summer’s house to learn that she too had her own plastic horse…called Princess Sparkle. Seth was a sarcastic, ironic, antisocial dork with a heart of gold. But after just a little bit of time together their worst traits started to soften and they both became pretty likable people.